Raya Tips: For First Timer Wives

Raya Eid-Ul Fitr is just around the corner and I’m extremely excited because it is going to be my first-time celebrating Raya with my husband. Being a city girl, every Raya we always celebrate in Kuala Lumpur so I’ve never experienced any balik kampung ambiance, the traffics, and the long hours. Thank God my husband’s kampung is only at Ipoh so it’s all good. I hope. I’m trying to think positive about the journey because everybody who knew me knows that I get car sick on long journeys.

Since this is my first time celebrating Raya at my husband’s kampung, I’m really nervous because I do not know what to expect or prepare myself for. Told Imran that I am freaking excited plus nervous and all he can say is “Alaa, relax jerr”. Man, they will never understand.

I like to plan things headmost so that I can prepare myself. Hence, I have a few tips (more like a reminder) for me to share with you newly wives and to those anak dara as well, so you can prepare yourself before marriage.

  • Ask your husband about his family’s tradition/customs/habits when it comes to Raya celebration at his hometown, so we wives can prepare ourselves and not make a joke out of ourselves for not knowing anything. I find that asking about anything is really helpful than just being ignorant about it. I mean you are the newest addition to the family so there might be things that you are not accustomed to, not to mention the whole environment is totally different. It’s better to be prepared than not at all. Kena pandai ambil hati mertua lah
  • Don’t forget to do a house check before your journey. This is really important, unplug all electrical equipment and turn off the gas stove. You don’t want to get back to a burnt house, no a big NO. But don’t unplug your fridge though, you don’t want any rotten food and foul smells after your Raya holidays. And please, please, please, take out the trash before you balik kampung because trust me, you really don’t want any maggots crawling around. That would be a disaster!
  • Make a to-do list to ease everything. A to-do list is my best friend. Whenever I travel, short journeys or long journeys, I will always have a to-do list just because I’m always forgetting when I’m in a rush. I bet all of you are too. Just make sure you don’t forget the essential ones only. I would recommend bringing your own iron so that you won’t have to wait to iron your baju raya. Time-saving and you can impress your in-laws as well. Ah-hah genius!
  • Never ever stay in the room. Yes, ladies please keep this in mind that we are NOT a guest. We’re a part of the family now so there is no excuse for you to laze around while others are doing the work. Get your butt over to the kitchen and membawang with all the makciks and neneks. This is the opportunity to get to know your in-laws. If you have no idea what to do because there are a lot of people in the kitchen and everyone is doing something, just ask. Always ask. There is no harm in asking. Or you can always wash the dishes without being told to. Good luck!
  • Last but not least, have patience. Sometimes, when you stayed in a house full of relatives you may not see eye to eye. So in this month of peace and forgiveness just be patient and try to enjoy the celebration. Follow their flow and be open to any criticism or questions that all the makciks bawang like to ask. Lagipun, jumpa setahun sekali jer.

I hope these tips are helpful for you new wives out there (and for myself too). Remember that this is the best opportunity to build a good impression and a good bond with your in-laws. Don’t overthink and just have fun and think about all the lemangs that you can eat during Raya.

Happy Eid Mubarak everyone, see ya!

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