My First Experience At SEA Connect: The Creative Conference

The company that I am currently working in has sent me to SEA Connect: The Creative Conference on Thursday which is on 13th of June, 2019.

What is SEA Connect: The Creative Conference?

It is actually an Annual South East Asia’s Creative Conference organized by AceStar and RedOne, with their main sponsors by HP, and Adobe.

It aims and commits to bring the best of the best talent in the Creative Industry to share their journey and the secret behind their success in Malaysia.

With renowned local and international speakers from the Creative Industry, the aim of this conference is to create a platform to enable everyone within the creative industry to connect with one another, generate new ideas from a different perspective, and build a strong creative community.

Is It Worth Going?

For a price of RM149 per person, you’ll get 3 meals on the day of the conference, which are breakfast, lunch, and tea time. It’s a buffet concept and the food is delicious! They served a wide variety of food, Malay cuisine, vegetarians, Western, and even desserts.

Other than that, you get to build connections with other guests. There are a lot of people from different companies attending this conference. When I registered on the registration counter, they gave me 5 green stickers and they gave me instructions to collect 5 different colour stickers from other people in the conference to win a lucky prize at the end of the conference. I thought that was a great way to ensure people connect with each other so kudos to the team for this idea.

Surprisingly, I did talked to some people at the conference, regardless of me being an introvert, but it was nice talking and meeting different people from different creative background.

I learned a lot from the conference itself. Listening to the speakers’ individual journeys in success and learning a lot about the creative economy has been really inspiring. There was Adrian Teh, the director of Paskal: The Movie, who shared his journey and his hardship to film Paskal.

There were demos as well from Adobe’s Solution Consultant, Albert Goh, who did some live demo on the Adobe UX features, John Dickinson on the Adobe After Effects, and Bert Monroy on the Adobe Photoshop. So I learned a lot that day. Things that I never even knew before. I think that is the most important part is you get to learn and receive knowledge from experts.

From my perspective, I definitely think it is worth the price. As a designer, it is really important for you to get involve in the creative community near you. The amount of knowledge and connections that you will get will help you grow as a creative person.

If you’re sad that you didn’t know about this, don’t worry. There is always next year. Till then, see ya!

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