What Is It Like Being A Graphic Designer

I’ve always had questions on what is it like being a graphic designer, so I took the time to create this post to tell you about my experiences in learning graphic design and working as a graphic designer for 2+ years in an established company.

How It All Started

I studied graphic design in over 5 years. Took the course in diploma and degree at a local university. My dad was adamant that I should pursue in accounting but I followed my passion and ended up taking up arts and designs. I took pure science classes during high school, I did not major in arts so I was not confident in myself that I would catch up with my fellow peers who were majoring in arts before. I think that made me become more determined in trying to do the best that I could. It was really hard studying, doing minor and major projects. Believe me, there were sweat and tears, and even sleepless nights but I think that’s the best memories that I had in my university days. I love every good and bad time of it.

Why I Like Graphic Design

I like the graphic design because it brings something more to projects. It enables them to be well represented in an innovative way. I like the creative side of it and the fact that every graphic designer is a creator (sometimes an artist). You can’t get bored as each project is different. There are also a lot of very interesting things that are a part of graphic design like typography, illustration, photography, and just art in general!

Working Experience

I labeled myself as a newbie in this creative field because I have only been professionally working as a graphic designer for over 2 years now which is not a lot of experience yet but I am still learning and trying to improve myself. During my diploma years, I’ve interned at a production company where I learn to produce and play around with printing materials (the most fun job ever!) for 3 months, and in my degree years, I interned at an advertising company for 6 months and continued in becoming a full-time designer for a year. Working at an advertising company was quite challenging and mentally exhausting, to be honest, but that’s where you learn to work with tough clients and deal with last-minute datelines. I think it was a great experience for me and it taught me a lot on how to manage my schedule. Since I’ve been working in my intern company during my interning days, I feel like I need to have the experience in finding a new job and going on interviews and such so that’s why I am now currently working in an IT company where I learn about web designs, user experience and etc. It has been 5 months and I am loving every minute of my time here. 

The Cons of Graphic Design

I guess it’s not easy to find your place in the world of graphic design, but it depends on a lot of things: the city you are working in, your personality, your ambitions, the type of clients you want, your “talent”. It’s not so easy, especially dealing with difficult clients, you might have your own disagreement but at the end of the day, you are designing for clients, not yourself. They are paying for a service, and we just have to deliver.

Advice To Those Who Want To Pursue in Graphic Design

I guess you have to be open-minded and creative, and I think that having a perspective on your work is a good thing too. You should learn as much as possible about the history of graphic design and about graphic design in current times. Try to stay up to date with the latest trends, technologies, and always be inspired. 

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