This Cleanser Help Reduces My Acnes!

First of all, let me tell you about my skin condition.

My skin is a combination type of skin. I tend to get oily on the T-zone and dryness on the cheeks. I used to get acne only on my nose area when I was an adolescent but after high school, it stopped, which I was extremely grateful about. Thinking that it was over, I was wrong, because after I reached 19 years of age, acne suddenly pops out on my chin area.

It wasn’t bad at first but as I grew older it gets worse. It only happens a week before my period and during the period. Yes, it’s hormonal acne and yes, I do take supplements such as evening primrose oil but it didn’t really help much. It’s going to take a longer time to see the results.

So, I came across a tweet and the person stated that SebaMed Teenage Cleansing Bar helped him with his acne. His skin conditions were much worse than mine and his whole new skincare routine changed his life. I was intrigued and curious to see whether it’ll be good for my skin as well.

I went to the pharmacy and bought the cleansing bar. I fell in love with it because whenever I cleansed my face with it, my skin feels fresh and not tight. So I used it every day since then. After the cleansing bar was finished, I opted to the liquid form which is very convenient for me to bring it anywhere and it is easy to keep it hygienic compared to the bar.

About SebaMed Teenage Cleansing Liquid

It combats pimples, blackheads and skin impurities. It gently deep cleanses the pores. Counteracts the formation of new pimples. Panthenol soothes and regenerates the skin. It also improves complexion.

Great as a daily cleanser, it is ultra-hydrating without draining your skin of moisture. The refreshing foam gently removes oil while the special formula fights pimple-causing bacteria without making your face red or shiny. SebaMed Teenage Cleansing Liquid ensures the gentle and effective deep cleansing of the pores to combat pimples, blackheads and skin impurities. The mild soap and alkali-free wash active substance remove excessive sebum, desquamation and dirt particles without drying the skin. SebaMed Teenage Cleansing Liquid is adjusted to the skin’s natural pH value of 5.5, supporting the biological barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle to help prevent new pimples from forming.

Price: RM38.90 for 150ml

My Take On The Product Itself

I love the packaging of this product just because it comes in a matte bottle pump which is nice to hold and pump out the foam. I personally use one pump only and it is enough to cleanse my whole face and neck with the amount. So the 150ml can last up to 2 months and a half for me and I use it twice in a day.

The foam itself feels gentle and mild on the skin. People kept saying that foam cleanser will definitely make your skin feels tight after using it, however, this product doesn’t make my skin feels dry or stretchy. I feel fresh after cleansing my face with it. A big plus for that!

This works pretty darn well in controlling my breakouts. Yes, I can ensure you that after a few days of using this cleanser, my breakouts on the chin area reduces, even the redness. After a month, I can really see my skin changed to be better and during my period I will only get one or two small pimples popping out but still manageable with a bit of pimple cream helps big time. I was amazed at how it actually works on my skin. It definitely helps heal my skin and control the acne situation.

This product has been a holy grail for me and currently, I’m on my third bottle now. I have no desire to change or try any other cleansing products for now. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone who suffers from acne/breakouts. This is a great product which I hope SebaMed will continue to manufacture and should never go off the shelf!

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